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Cocktail works to improve the lives and opportunities of LGBTI asylum seekers in the Netherlands


Get LGBTI & asylum information

If you fear persecution in your home country for being (or even being perceived as) LGBTI, you can apply for asylum in the Netherlands. If asylum is granted, you will have the right to live and work in the Netherlands.

Get LGBTI & asylum information

Like to help? Become a volunteer

As a buddy you will participate in social activities on a regular basis with LGBTI asylum seekers. You are a listening ear, drink a cup of coffee, go on a walk together or go into town.

Become a volunteer

Information for Ukrainians

Due to the Russian invasion, millions of people have been displaced. Ukrainians fleeing to EU countries will receive protection. If you just arrived in the Netherlands, it may be hard to know where to find information.

On this page, you can find helpful resources. We will update this list as new initiatives become available.

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Homoseksuele vluchteling kan hart luchten NOS op 3

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