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Healthcare in the Netherlands

During your stay in the Netherlands you might get sick or you may have other medical problems. As an LGBTI person you might need specific medical care, such as HIV testing or psychological help. All health professionals are required to keep your information confidential, so you can tell them you are LGBTI and talk about any health problems or conditions you have. The doctor can help you better when he or she has all the relevant information about you.

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Sexual health

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are diseases that you can get from having sex. You might also be familiar with the older term ‘sexually transmitted diseases’ (STD). Chlamydia and HIV are examples of infections that can be transmitted through sex. Most STI’s can be cured. Getting treated with medications will help you get rid of them. HIV is one STI that cannot be cured, although it can be treated. By suppressing the virus with medications, you can remain healthy with HIV.

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Transgender specific healthcare

Transgender persons can make use of healthcare services just like any other person. However, asylum seekers staying at a COA reception location are only entitled to transgender specific healthcare, such as cross sex hormones, as a continuation of treatment that started in the country of origin.

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