Cocktail is part of the Federation COC Netherlands. As such the COC Code of conduct applies for all volunteers and participants of cocktail. On this page you will find more information about: the rules of conduct, the confidential advisors and the independent complaints committee.


Rules of conduct

COC offers a safe place to everyone who comes there: from occasional visitors or participants in COC activities to its volunteers and employees. The safe space means that people treat each other with respect, with integrity and with a cooperative spirit, so that everyone can work together in a positive and responsible way. To ensure such a safe space we have formulated the following rules for everyone in the form of personal statements:

  1. I accept and respect everyone and I do not discriminate against anyone. Everyone counts within the organisation.
  2. I do not make assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  3. I take into account any boundaries indicated by the other person.
  4. I do not harass anyone.
  5. I do not harm anyone.
  6. I do not insult anyone or tell jokes or make comments about other people.
  7. I treat any information I receive from other people as confidential.
  8. I do not ignore anyone.
  9. I do not participate in bullying or laughing or gossiping about people.
  10. I do not fight, I do not use violence, and I do not threaten others.
  11. I do not get too close to anyone and I do not touch anyone against their will.
  12. I do not give anyone unwelcome sexual attention.
  13. I do not ask inappropriate questions or make unwelcome comments about anyone’s personal life or appearance.
  14. I make it clear to others where my own personal boundaries lie, and I confront anyone who goes too far in relation to those.
  15. I help others to keep to these rules, and I confront anyone who does not keep to them.
  16. I do not abuse my position of power in any way.
  17. I deal responsibly with the resources of the organisation.


Confidential advisors

Each member of the Federation COC Netherlands, including all 20 local/regional COC organisations, the Federation office and the youth organisation Expreszo, is subject to the same Code of Good Conduct. This Code includes a set of rules of conduct by means of which COC wants to promote good behaviour and provide a safe place for everyone. Anyone with questions regarding unwelcome behaviour within the Federation will also have the opportunity to discuss this with one of the confidential advisors.

Would you like to have a confidential conversation in relation to any of these rules of conduct? If your local/regional COC organisation does not have a confidential adviser (vertrouwenspersoon) of its own, please feel free to contact one of the confidential advisors of the Federation COC Netherlands. You can do this by phone: + 31(0)20 623 4596 or by email:

[Note: For a confidential discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity, you can contact Switchboard.]


Independent Complaints Committee

COC has an independent Complaints Committee (klachtencommissie) that serves all member organisations within the Federation.You can read more about the independent complaints committee, how to file a complaint and the procedure on the COC website: Code-of-Good-Conduct-English-2018.pdf (

If you have a complaint, please contact COC’s independent Complaints Committee via