I don’t feel safe. How do I tell my family? I’m looking for a gay doctor. Am I bisexual? Where can I meet other LGBTI’s? Our son is attracted to men, what do we do? Who can offer legal advise? Where can I buy women shoes?

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Contact Switchboard for all your questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. You can reach them by phone, e-mail and chat. The volunteers will listen, give advice or offer referrals. Confidential, unbiased and availaible several days a week. Please check the website for more information and opening hours.

Contact Switchboard via:

Call Switchboard during the opening hours as mentioned on the website. The telephone number will not be listed on your telephone bill. Normal telephone rates and costs for cell phone use apply.

Switchboard is closed on Dutch public holidays.

LGBT Asylum Support

LGBT Asylum Support is a Dutch NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). They support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) asylum seekers in the Netherlands. They are a link between LGBT refugees and other Dutch organizations to help asylum seekers.

LGBT Asylum Support tries to provide proper guidance and social support to this vulnerable group. They defend the rights of the LGBT asylum seekers, get them out of their isolation and guide them in the asylum process; they train them to be open about their sexual orientation in their asylum procedure, something that often is contrary to their instincts to survive.

Contact LGBT Asylum Support via:


Veilige Haven

Veilige Haven offers support to young men and women from multicultural Amsterdam who are struggling with their homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or intersex+ feelings, but also serve young refugees who have similar issues.

For practically any young person, discovering that you have homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex+ feelings raises a lot of questions. But it can also lead to confusion, doubts and anxiety. After all, no matter where you live in the world, homosexuality is still never as normal and as fully accepted as heterosexuality. In most African, Asian and American cultures, and in the orthodox varieties of most religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism), homosexuality is taboo. So it’s not surprising that you might feel so conflicted in terms of your identity. Many boys and girls struggle with feelings of loyalty. You don’t want to upset your friends and especially your family, but you can’t deny what you feel. Should you come out for your feelings or keep them secret? Veilige Haven helps you in dealing with these difficult life questions and offers you information, advice and counselling.

Contact Veilige Haven via:

  • Call +31 20 557 3329 and leave a message*.

*A staff member will help you clarify what you need. If necessary he or she will refer you to an expert care giver. It goes without saying that the staff at Veilige Haven will always respect your privacy. Nothing will be shared with others without your permission.


VluchtelingenWerk Nederland/Dutch Council for Refugees

Refugees have a right to a fair asylum procedure, and subsequently access to adequate housing, education, health care and work. The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent, non-governmental organization that defends those rights.

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland offers refugees practical support during their asylum procedure and their integration in the Dutch society. In addition, they provide members of the Parliament with information concerning refugee issues and policy and carry an active lobby for refugee rights. Another important part of their work is to supply information and advice to asylum lawyers. VluchtelingenWerk also develops various projects to promote the integration of refugees in the Netherlands. Furthermore, they are committed to increasing public support for refugees.

Contact VluchtelingenWerk Nederland/Dutch Council for Refugees via:

  • info@vluchtelingenwerk.nl
  • +31 20 346 72 00



Respect2Love builds strong communities together with bicultural LGBTI’s (Queer POC*)  so that they can find the strength to be themselves. Many role models emerge from these communities. Respect2Love also supports bicultural LGBTI’s (Queer POC) in starting the conversation about sexual preference and gender identity in their own circles. The aim is to increase acceptance.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are often very problematic for Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Chinese communities living in the Netherlands. For example, half of the Turkish and Moroccan think that homosexuality is wrong, compared to one out of ten native Dutch people. Being open about your homosexuality is often seen as lack of loyalty and disrespect towards the family.
*POC = Person of color
Contact Respect2Love via:

TransUnited Amsterdam

Trans United is a platform designed for transgenders with an ethnic background. We meet twice a month together. The first Saturday and third Saturday of the month. The first Saturday is a closed group for trans people, and only the third Saturday is for trans people and friends / family and partners.
Their mission: visibility and advocacy of transgender persons in Nederland. Finding or creating safe spaces for the trans community.
Creating a more comfortable and tangible Community, let us all move forward together and find healing and comfort in the knowledge that we belong.
Contact TransUnited via:


Colored Qollective

Colored Qollective is an organisation that focuses specifically on the position and safety of LGBTQIA+ people of color. They organize monthly ‘safe space meetings’ in the form of group meetings and social events. Colored Qollective offers a physical safe space for people who (may) experience multiple forms of exclusion and oppression.

It’s important for LGBTQIA+ people of color to feel safe. Therefore Colored Qollective also organises private/closed meetings.

Need more information? Contact Colored Qollective via:


Stichting Uganda Gay On Move

Uganda Gay On Move is an initiative, non-profit organisation that is striving for the betterment of LGBTI society. Through various ongoing activities, they reach out to help many individuals all across the Netherlands focusing on those that have fled their motherlands in Africadue to Anti homosexuality laws that are prevailing currently and also supporting many that are still in those countries and hiding due to the discrimination based on their sexual oriantation.
Their vision is to aid those who want to be self-sufficient,live a safe life,feel united as a family, but are hampered due to some disability that is as a result of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Their programs are open to all people.

Contact Stichting Uganda Gay On Move via: