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Can I marry or cohabitate with my LGBTI partner in the Netherlands? If I am married or cohabitating with a partner who has legal residence, do I have the right to work?

For the most detailed and up-to-date information on these topics in the Netherlands, you can contact “Het Juridisch Loket” or the Dutch Immigration Authorities.


1) Het Juridisch Loket provides free or very inexpensive legal advice.


Phone: +31 30 232 64 10 (from outside of the Netherlands) or on 0900 8020 (from within the Netherlands). The price is 20 cents per minute.

Location: They have several offices you can visit, and you can search them by location on their website. (“Contact”> “Visit a Branch”)


2) Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND)

Phone: +31 20 8893045 (if you are calling outside of the Netherlands) or 0900 1234561 (from within the Netherlands).