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I’m having medical or psychological problems. Where can I get help?

If you are living in a reception center, you should contact the medical department within your center (GZA). They can provide medical and psychological help. For emergencies outside of normal business hours, you can call 088 112 1122. You should also contact your COA contact person.

If you are living outside of a reception center, please contact your doctor (huisart) or the Association of Community Health Services Netherlands (GGD). The GGD helps all people residing in the Netherlands with preventative healthcare and medical advice. The website below allows you to search for your local GGD by location.


Please note: Undocumented migrants are entitled to care that is “medically necessary.” Many people do not get the medical help they need because they are afraid they will have to pay a large medical bill, but under the Dutch system, if you cannot afford to pay the bill, you will not have to (as a result of Article 122a of the Dutch Health Insurance Act).

All health professionals are required to keep your information confidential.