Information during the coronavirus pandemic

Here you can find a number of websites with a lot of information about things that you may encounter during the coronavirus pandemic. Note: some of the websites or information listed are not translated to English.

Everyone in the Netherlands is affected by the social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools are closed, many people work from home, and the elderly are isolated. Everyone suddenly appears to be vulnerable. Life as we knew it, has been suspended indefinitely. Washing your hands, keeping 1,5 meters distances, following the news, keeping in contact with loved ones. It requires a lot of everyone.


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  • The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) lists all the current information about the coronavirus in the Netherlands on their website.
  • Thuisarts is made by doctors and provides reliable information and practical advice about the coronavirus.*
  • Het Rode Kruis provides practical advice to anyone who wants to offer their help to others, they also have a phone number where you can talk about your concerns.*
  • De Luisterlijn  is available 24 hours a day. You can call de Luisterlijn if you need a listening ear. They also have a page for coronavirus assistance services.*
  • Are you very worried, anxious or is it all too much for you mental health, then you can call or chat with MIND Korrelatie.*
  • 0900 0113 is the phone number that you can call if you (or someone close to you) are having suicidal thoughts. You can find a lot of tips to prevent suicide on the website from 113-zelfmoordpreventie.
  • If you have to deal with domestic violence or child abuse, you can contact Veilig Thuis* or Blijf* for information, help and advice.
  • If you do not have the money to pay for food, you can check if Voedselbank can do something for you.*
  • The government has information material available in multiple languages. You can download the posters on their website.


Asylum seekers & refugees

  • All COA locations have a MyCoa-page. On this website you can find information about the coronavirus, changes on your location, etc.
  • The Corona Actiecomité Statushouders (CAS) provides information about the coronavirus in Arabic & Tigrinya. There’s also a phone number that you can call if you have questions. Cas also has an information-platform with videos about the virus.
  • For more information about the GZA (Asylum Seeker Healthcare) and the measures they are taking due to the virus, please visit their website. You can also ask your questions via phone.
  • On the website from Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland (TVcN) you can find the press conference (prime minister Mark Rutte’s part of it) translated to: English, Farsi, Polish, Tigrinya, Turkish, Berber and Arabic. – On the bottom of this page, you can find the press conference-video, translated to English.



  • For all questions about sexual orientation and gender identity, you can contact COC’s Switchboard.
  • Of course you can also contact a local COC nearby – links to local COC’s you can find at the bottom of the homepage of COC Nederland.



  • If you’re a trans person and you want to know where you can go for help or questions, Transgender Netwerk Nederland  listed a lot of possibilities on their website.*


Youth – Mental health

  • The Netherlands Youth Institute provides a lot of advice for parents, children and youth.
  • If you are under 18 and you have questions or feel anxious, you can call and chat with De Kindertelefoon.*
  • If you are under 20 and you have questions or feel anxious, you can call and chat with Tejo.*
  • If you are under 25 and you have questions or feel anxious, you can call with Ease.


Seniors – Mental health

  • If you’re older and you have questions or feel anxious, you can call with ANBO: 0348 – 46 66 66 or visit their Facebook-page.
  • LGBTI elders who want to be in contact with other LGBTI elders, can send an email to


All ages – Mental health

  • People from all ages who have questions or feel anxious, can call or chat with MIND.*
  • People from all ages who have questions or feel anxious can chat with Fier.*


LGBTI’s with a disability

  • On the website from COC’s Zonder Stempel* there’s a lot of information about the coronavirus in accessible language and there’s a Computercafé* for people to have online contact with each other.


Drugs & Sex

  • If you have problems with alcohol, smoking, drugs or gaming, you can ask your questions to Trimbos-Instituut.
  • If you have any questions about sex, you can visit the website from Soa Aids Nederland.


Men who (also) have sex with men

  • If you’re a man and you (also) have sex with men, Mantotman answers all your questions about sex and the coronavirus.
  • If you’re a man and you (also) have sex with men, and you have questions about drug-use, you can ask those questions to the peer educators from Pink Unity.*
  • If you have chemsex, read the advice from Mantotman.
  • If you have HIV, Hiv-vereniging Nederland listed everything you need to know on their website.


*This website or the information that it contains is only available in Dutch.