If you fear persecution in your home country for being (or even being perceived as) LGBTI, you can apply for asylum in the Netherlands. If asylum is granted, you will have the right to live and work in the Netherlands.

This can sometimes be a difficult and long process, and, to obtain an asylum permit, you are required to make it plausible that you are an LGBTI (which can be a difficult thing to determine). Also, you have to make it plausible that if returned to your home country, you face certain danger because of your sexual orientation or gender identity and your own government cannot protect you. The Dutch government will investigate these issues, and will also consider your credibility, whether or not you are telling the truth about yourself and your experiences.

The asylum process involves two main Dutch government agencies: the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and the agency for Immigration and Naturalization (IND). Neither agency can discriminate against you for being LGBTI. In the reception centers where you are housed during the asylum proceeding, you will be protected if you face discrimination.

If you wish to apply for asylum in the Netherlands based on a well-founded fear of persecution related to your sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, it is important for you to tell these agencies that this is why you are applying. It can be difficult to talk to a stranger about your sexuality, gender, experiences, or feelings, but remember that they are trying to help you. You should tell your lawyer, the IND, and/or the Dutch Council for Refugees (VVN) as soon as possible that you fear persecution in your home country because you are LGBTI.