What does solidarity mean? Solidarity means that we take one another into consideration and that we are aware that others do so too.


Helping one another

The Netherlands is one of the richest countries in the world. People here have a great deal of freedom and many opportunities to make something of their lives. Naturally, there are also issues in our country that have to be resolved. But many things are well organised and effective. In the Netherlands everyone pays tax. People that earn a high income pay more tax than those who earn less. These taxes are used by the government to pay for schools, roads and the police. But the government cannot provide everything. That is why it is important to help one another. Many people in the Netherlands engage in voluntary work. For example, at a sports club, in a care home or at schools. Other people provide care for others at home.


Social Security

You must ensure that you have sufficient money to support yourself. Learning to speak and write Dutch will help in this regard. If you do not yet speak Dutch, you can take lessons. If you find it difficult to find work, you can ask for help from family, friends or an organisation. If you really cannot find work in order to support yourself, the government will help you. For example, if you are too sick to work or if you have been made redundant and have no money to pay your rent or buy food. If this happens, under certain conditions, you can obtain housing benefit, other benefits and healthcare benefit from the government. You can then pay your rent, buy food and pay healthcare and other costs.



If you work, you are entitled to receive the minimum wage. You can find the rate here. Your boss may not pay you less than the statutory minimum wage. You are also entitled to leave and holiday days. There are also rules governing the number of hours that you may work per day and how often you may take breaks. If your boss fails to comply, you can join a union which can help you further.