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What are dutchies like?

Not all dutch people (or: Dutchies) are alike of course. Still, there are a couple of common characteristics of Dutchies that you probably will recognize when you get to know them. We listed seven of these characteristics. Please note that this is not a 100% right guide to who all Dutch people are.

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Dutch food

You cannot know a country unless you know the food. First of all, let us explain what a typical Dutch breakfast, lunch and dinner would look like. Breakfast and lunch are pretty much alike. Dutch people like to eat bread with different kind of toppings. Typical Dutch toppings are cheese and chocolate sprinkles. If you want to go all Dutch, drink a glass of milk with your breakfast or lunch. Dinner is usually taken relatively early, around 6pm.

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Facts about the Netherlands

There is so much to know about this tiny country. Here are 15 (fun) facts as a start to get to know the country.

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