Transgender persons can make use of healthcare services just like any other person. However, asylum seekers staying at a COA reception location are only entitled to transgender specific healthcare, such as cross sex hormones, as a continuation of treatment that started in the country of origin.

Migrants with a residence permit, registered in a municipality are entitled to health care under the Dutch Health Insurance Law. This is an obligatory health insurance that covers most gender reassignment therapy, such as cross sex hormones, blood tests, surgery and psychological guidance.

General information on health care and health insurance in the Netherlands is available in English at the website of the Ministry of Health



If you have any questions on transgender specific healthcare, during your stay at a COA-reception location, please contact GZA. If you are not staying at a COA reception location, you can contact Transvisie. Transvisie is an organisation that offers psychological care for transgender persons. The website is in Dutch. Contact information: +3130 410 02 03,