If you are a victim of a hate crime because you are LGBTI, you might be scared to go to the police. To make contacting the police for LGBTI persons easier, The Netherlands has a Roze in Blauw (Pink in Blue) police force. The Pink in Blue police force consist of well-trained policemen and policewomen, who know a lot about LGBTI issues and are often LGBTI themselves. Pink in Blue respects your privacy (as all Dutch police will) and you can count on sympathetic treatment. When you become the victim of a crime, you can report this to Pink in Blue:

Pink in Blue also does other things to contribute to the safety of LGBTI persons in the Netherlands:

  • Cooperating with LGBTI organisations and support organisations
  • Supporting other police officers who have questions about LGBT issues
  • Sharing information between different Pink in Blue teams
  • Being visible as LGBTI police officers so people can see that the police is diverse